Submit your loan request at least four months in advance of the starting day of the loan. Please note that if the loan is cancelled the lender will be charged for any expenses incurred. Applications are accepted after a written request has been sent to the Museum Director:

Centraal Museum

t.a.v. Edwin Jacobs

Postbus 2106

3500 GC Utrecht 

The application must contain the following information:

  • name and address of the institution requesting to borrow objects 
  • contact person (name, telephone, postal address, email) 
  • current facility report
  • purpose of the loan (use for exhibition, research, etc.) 
  • brief project description 
  • period of loan 
  • exhibition period 
  • exhibition name 
  • location(s) of exhibition 
  • if applicable: dates for each exhibition venue 
  • list of objects, including object numbers

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