photo: Dea Rijper
photo: Dea Rijper

Wheelchair Route

A charming feature of the Centraal Museum is the maze-like nature of the building. At times this can, however, be at odds with its accessibility. Visitors in a wheelchair can therefore use the Wheelchair Route (available at the counter). The route gives directions to the lifts and provides for a smooth visit throughout the museum. The auditorium and the entresols can only be accessed by stairs. The entresols are not used in every exhibition.

The lift to Expo 10 and Expo 11 is suitable for wheelchairs no larger than 86 x 140cm (max. lift capacity: 400kg). An alternative route can be taken through the gardens. The other lifts in the museum measure at 150 x 200cm.

The dick bruna huis is accessible for wheelchairs. However, you will need assistance to enter the building. Please ask the museum staff.
Rietveld Schröder House is not accessible for wheelchairs. 


The Centraal Museum also has a disabled parking space, as well as two manual wheelchairs.

Hearing Loop

During lectures and presentations, the hard of hearing can be provided with a hearing loop.

The equipment for this device can be reserved by phone at +31(0) - 236 2349 and collected at the entrance of the museum.

Floorplan, from 21 February 2015

Centraal Museum is undergoing an ambitious renovation. The museum will have a  more open and inviting appeal, which includes a clearer routing through the building. Visitors’ facilities such as the entrance, catering outlets, shop and auditorium will be improved, and the amount of exhibition space will increase.

During the renovation a large amount of the museum rooms will remain open. The yellow parts in this floorplan indicate the open rooms.

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