Meanwhile in Utrecht: The Makers

Filmstill de Makers door Bad Birds
Filmstill de Makers door Bad Birds

Every half year, in April and November, Centraal Museum invites a particular group of Utrecht residents to present a personal reflection on the museum collection.

The Makers

This time it’s the makers’ turn. The museum asked five Utrecht-based craftsmen to choose an item from the museum collection, based on or inspired by their own craft. The printers of Kapitaal, the glass designer and blower Willem Noyons, the hat maker Irene van Vugt, the ceramists of Mobach, and paint maker Wim van der Zwan from the traditional paint producer Old Holland each explain their choice of item, with reference to their discipline. These five wide-ranging choices offer a fresh and surprising perspective on the Centraal Museum collection on display in The World of Utrecht.

Robin Datema and Thomas de Vrij of Bad Birds media agency created the video portraits of the makers. 


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