Het Centraal Museum
Het Centraal Museum

Foto: Vincent Zedelius

Centraal Museum appeals to a wide audience and this how the museum wants to present itself. In upcoming years, the museum will emphasize the diversity of its collection and at the same time improve the actual accessibility of the museum with major plans to redesign the building. See also: Plans to Redesign

The museum looks to raise its public profile and operate in a way that is both open and innovative. It aims for a lively interaction between the museum’s different experts and departments, also keeping a watchful eye on international developments with respect to art and society.

It is therefore crucial for the museum to maintain contacts with artists, enthusiasts, visitors and critics, as well as colleagues, sister institutions and partners - current or future.

Centraal Museum likes to see itself as a node within a social network. In its concrete form, this network extends from the museum to the city and beyond, but can just as easily take shape in the new media. The museum seeks to establish collaboration with various parties, both on a national and international scale.

This creates a dynamic web of partners that is valued greatly by the museum. Important are, of course, our friend members of the CM-club, but also the contributors, private partners and foundations, and - last but not least - the other museums in the city.    

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