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Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael, De Keukenmeid, 1620-25  (detail)
Joachim Anthonisz Wtewael, De Keukenmeid, 1620-25 (detail)

Centraal Museum can really use your support. In areas such as research, restoration and acquisitions, donations are more than welcome. As a private sponsor you can make a personal contribution through donation or inheritance. Mind that the fiscal benefits of donating could prove quite interesting for you.


Besides money, alternative donations can also be goods such as artwork (items), antiques, real estate or securities. The Centraal Museum is in the unique position of being exempt from any gift tax. This means your entire donation goes to the museum. Private donations are vital in realizing important restorations and acquisitions for our collection. Every donation to the museum is therefore valued greatly.

Ruud Kuijer, Zonder titel (kratbeeld, nr. 19), 1986
Ruud Kuijer, Zonder titel (kratbeeld, nr. 19), 1986

Some examples of donations:
- In 1999, over one hundred private donations aided in the acquisition of the painting The Kitchen Maid by Joachim Wtewael from 1620-25 - still regarded as one of the showpieces in the Centraal Museum collection.

- In 2002, the museum was able to purchase two abstract sculptures by Utrecht artist Ruud Kuijer with the help of private sponsorships.

Donations to the Centraal Museum are tax deductible. Deductible donations are part of your personal allowance and initially reduce income generated from work and home.

With respect to one-off donations fiscal constraints apply. You may only deduct such a donation from your income if it exceeds 1% of your aggregate income. The maximum for one-off donations has been set at 10% of your aggregate income prior to the deduction of the personal allowance. It can be more beneficial to spread your donation across a number of years. You may file for the provisional tax return at the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax authorities) immediately after the donation has been made.

Regular donations are donations consisting of fixed periodical payments which occur at least once a year over a period of five or more years. With respect to regular donations, no fiscal constraints, such as a threshold amount or maximum, apply. The advantage is that each year you may deduct the annual amount from your income, optimizing your tax benefit.  


A work of art or a sum of money can be left to the Centraal Museum by including a clause in your will. You can also grant the museum a percentage of the inheritance. Assets acquired through inheritance are subject to tax. The Centraal Museum is, however, exempted entirely from this tax. Your inheritance sum will therefore benefit the museum in full.


Should you have any questions, please contact our executive secretary tel. +31 (0)30-2362387.
If you would like to immediately make a donation to Centraal Museum, please use account number 1749.10.649.
We are highly appreciative of your support.


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