Celebrating 60 years of Miffy!

The largest exhibition hall in the museum in Utrecht will pay tribute to Dick Bruna’s world famous bunny rabbit with an exhibition for the whole family: Celebrating 60 years of Miffy! Everyone is invited to the party!

1000 m2 of educational fun

The exhibition is specially designed for families with young children (aged 2 to 6) and will offer 1,000 m2 of creative fun. Toddlers and young children will be delighted to find themselves in a life-size world of Miffy where they can celebrate her birthday together with the little rabbit and her friends. While they play, the young visitors will learn about the cultural phenomenon of ‘birthday celebrations’ as observed in the Netherlands and as illustrated in several of Dick Bruna’s children’s books. Eleven recognisable elements of a birthday celebration, which include dressing up in party outfits, buying presents, making birthday decorations and eating birthday cake, will turn the visit to the exhibition into one big party. Children will be invited to guess what is inside the presents by smelling, feeling and listening to the contents. They can wander into Miffy’s wardrobe and decorate her party dress, sing a birthday song or play along on a drum or tambourine, and crawl inside a giant birthday cake that even smells like cake!


‘She chose a pretty dress to wear,
the prettiest she had.
For it was Miffy’s birthday
and it showed that she was glad.
- from Dick Bruna’s Miffy's Birthday (1970)


In creating his children’s books Dick Bruna aims to ‘offer children a safe environment as a starting point for their own independent exploration and adventure’. This exhibition for the whole family ties in with this objective by allowing children to engage with the basic principles of expressive art, theatre, music and dance through their own playfulness and creativity. In each instance Dick Bruna’s illustrations serve as a familiar starting point. 

Miffy, from 1955 to today

Structured around the same eleven themes of the children’s exhibition, a retrospective exhibition for adults will trace 60 years of Miffy, from 1955 to the present day. How did Miffy come to be created and how has she evolved over the years? A collection of 100 or so original drawings and illustrations will provide a comprehensive overview of Dick Bruna’s approach and philosophy.



dick bruna huis will close in July, reopen as Miffy Museum in February

Miffy and her friends are to be given a new home. From July 2015 to February 2016 the dick bruna huis will be transformed into the most delightful children's museum of the Netherlands. The Miffy Museum will open on 6 February 2016.

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Exhibition video (in Dutch)


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