From 9 September to 26 November 2017, Centraal Museum presents new works by the Utrecht visual artist Britt Dorenbosch in the exhibition room Nieuw Utrechts. These drawings and paintings are the result of the study carried out by Dorenbosch in the past year, using the K.F. Hein Kunststipendium (art stipend) that she won in 2016. According to Centraal Museum’s artistic director Bart Rutten: “Britt Dorenbosch ranks among the most interesting young painters in the Netherlands today. Her work shows great technical skill, and she always finds reason in her direct environment to celebrate the power and pleasure of painting. Combining the seemingly mundane with masterly imagination, she takes the viewer on an exciting voyage of discovery.” 

At home

Britt Dorenbosch won the K.F. Hein Kunststipendium with her sketch design titled ‘Thuis’ (‘At home’). The colourful drawings and paintings presented at Centraal Museum are the result of her further investigation into this theme. What are the elements that create a sense of home, and what role does memory play in this process? How well do we know the everyday objects that surround us, and to what extent do they define our sense of home? By painting objects in the houses that she personally inhabited, from her childhood home to where she lives now, Dorenbosch seeks an answer to these questions.

Details of objects in her direct home environment, from the past and present, create an exuberant colour palette: a woven children’s scarf, her mother’s favourite cushion, or an embroidered belt from Guatemala. By zooming in on the pattern of the object, in line with a rich painting tradition, she leaves enough room for the viewer’s own interpretation.

Britt Dorenbosch: "Home is my place of calm. It’s where I can wholly be myself. Who I am is reflected in the objects I gather around me. Feeling at home is all about recognisability. The many plants in my living room, the colourful floor rugs and the self-built cupboards remind me of my childhood home. That’s what creates the basis of my sense of being at home." 

The jury of the K.F. Hein Kunststipendium was impressed by the elaborate technique that Dorenbosch uses to explore this theme. Her story is very personal and individual, but she renders it in an abstract manner that allows every viewer to relate to it. The jury lauded her striking depiction of this personal and therefore interior world.

K.F. Hein Kunststipendium

Once every two years, the K.F. Hein Fonds awards the K.F. Hein Kunststipendium. This stipend consists of a sum of € 20,000 and an exhibition at Centraal Museum in Utrecht. In this way, the Fund and Centraal Museum seek to promote the art climate in the province of Utrecht and to give artists and designers an opportunity to develop their work and build their profile. Britt Dorenbosch is the third recipient of the K.F. Hein Kunststipendium.


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