As part of the recent restructuring of Centraal Museum, two project spaces on the second floor of the museum have been dedicated to exhibitions by Utrecht-based artists, designers and fashion creators, under the title of: Nieuw Utrechts. This summer the honour falls to Mathieu Klomp.

The young artist Mathieu Klomp (1984) already has several projects and awards to his name, including the Kunstliefde award and a nomination for the HKU Award. Mathieu stands out for his unusual work method: he creates life-size human figures of plastic.

Artistic director Bart Rutten explains: ‘Mathieu is a real maker who uses the properties of an unusual material to create human figures. This results in highly expressive sculptures with a poignant sort of vulnerability.’

Sculpting with plastic

Recognising human figures in an impersonal and cold material like plastic has an unsettling effect. Due to the tension between reality and subjectivity, interpreting Mathieu’s work is a puzzle that resists being solved. His work ‘The Warrior’ is composed of fourteen human figures.

Mathieu Klomp says: ‘In this work I address the differences between groups of people, and how that affects the spectator. You can walk around it and even enter into it. Because of the varying angles the composition continually changes, and with that the interpretation changes as well.’

Meet the artist

Mathieu Klomp will be present at the exhibition for a number of days to work on new work. The artist will show visitors how he sets to work with an electric hairdryer and malleable plastic – a self-developed technique. The molten plastic is reminiscent of marble, robes or brush strokes, but it remains a cheap and everyday disposable material. The visitor can follow the creation of a plastic human figure step by step. The finissage of the work will take place on 29 August. 

Practical information

The exhibition Inconceivable is on display from 3 June to 3 September 2017, in the Nieuw Utrechts rooms in Centraal Museum. The days on which Mathieu Klomp will demonstrate his work will be announced later on the museum website.


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