Jhonie van Boeijen: Remembering

Jhonie van Boeijen, Inside the drawer, 2016
Jhonie van Boeijen, Inside the drawer, 2016

Since 2014, Centraal Museum offers a promising graduate from the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht the opportunity to exhibit his or her work. This year, Jhonie van Boeijen (Nijkerk 1992) was offered two rooms to mount an exhibition.

Jhonie van Boeijen makes paintings of items or moments encountered in everyday domestic life, which every viewer will recognise. By confronting the viewer with an image of something so mundane that it will generally go almost unnoticed or unseen, she hopes to provoke an unfamiliar sensation, or perhaps trigger a tucked-away memory. For instance, a sense of shame about one’s own cluttered kitchen cupboards, or the thought of a once purchased but thoroughly useless kitchen appliance. The works are always anonymous, and the topics range from individual objects to chaotic compositions, usually found in the kitchen or bathroom. By adjusting colours and the play of light, she seeks to enhance the realism in her work. The goal is to create an opening to another dimension: to a safe and perfect world, where one can escape from the real world by no longer thinking about it, if only momentarily.

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