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Anrealage, Pray, 2011
Anrealage, Pray, 2011

The dick bruna huis in Utrecht is celebrating its fifth anniversary in the year of the rabbit. To celebrate this special occasion, the Centraal Museum has invited Dutch and international fashion designers to create a party dress for Miffy. The designers, including Saskia van Drimmelen, Claes Iversen, Jan Taminiau, the British label Boudicca and the Japanese label Anrealage, will design an outfit for a 40cm-high ceramic Miffy, inspired by the work of Miffy's creator Dick Bruna. Dick Bruna himself has drawn a new party dress for Miffy, as has Piet Paris. The illustrations and the fashion designs will be exhibited till 22 February 2012 as part of Miffy in Fashion, together with more 100 fashion-related works from the oeuvre of Dick Bruna.


Dick Bruna, Party dress for miffy, 2011
Dick Bruna, Party dress for miffy, 2011

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Miffy in Fashion

Dick Bruna is celebrated for his clear drawing style, which speaks directly to people young and old. He is one of the few Dutch artists known throughout the world and his work remains a vital source of inspiration, including for fashion designers. This influence is the starting point for the exhibition celebrating the fifth anniversary of the dick bruna huis: Miffy in Fashion. The  Centraal Museum has commissioned leading fashion designers to design a festive outfit for Miffy. These creations by designers including  Anrealage (Japan), Boudicca (England) , Claes Iversen, Jan Taminiau and Saskia van Drimmelen will be shown on 40cm-high ceramic Miffys. There will be fifteen designs in total. Specially for this occasion Dick Bruna and Piet Paris have drawn new party dresses for Miffy. The fashion designs and illustrations will be shown together with more than a hundred fashion related works by Dick Bruna.


The exhibition is accompanied by a limited-edition bilingual book with the same title. This homage to Dick Bruna features photographs of all the new designs for Miffy and statements from the designers about how they were inspired by Dick Bruna. 
Miffy in fashion (Dutch and English), 48 pages, ISBN 978 90 5647 507 9, €14.95.

dick bruna huis

Over the past 55 years Miffy has become an international star and a design icon. She can be found all over the world and the stories about Miffy, Poppy Pig, Boris and Barbara, Snuffy and all the other characters have been translated into more than fifty languages. Miffy is also one of the Netherlands’ top ten exports. Miffy has found her home at the dick bruna huis in Utrecht, where you can see an overview of the multifaceted oeuvre of Utrecht-born artist Dick Bruna (1927). The Bruna collection, which is on long-term loan to the Centraal Museum, comprises more than 7000 works and is still growing. A selection from these works is on display in the dick bruna huis. The dick bruna huis – a museum for both children and adults – is opposite the Centraal Museum.

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