Studio Dick Bruna

Dick Bruna’s studio has been moved from its location in Utrecht’s inner city to Centraal Museum. The studio now has a new and permanent place on the top floor of the museum, which exudes the same atmosphere as Bruna’s studio at present. 

Thanks to the original furniture and personal items, visitors will come up close and personal with the personality of Dick Bruna (Utrecht 1927 - 2017 Utrecht) and his working method. The studio in the museum will have the same arrangement as the original studio: a drawing and writing table, a place for rest and inspiration, a meeting place and bookshelves. As the renewed dick bruna huis mainly concentrates on Bruna’s work for children, the studio will also present his ‘work for adults’. This will be done in the form of changing, thematic presentations, demonstrating the diversity of Bruna’s work.

The Bruna collection in Centraal Museum 

Dick Bruna is one of the most important artists in the Centraal Museum collection. Since 2006, the museum has over 6000 works by Dick Bruna as a long-term loan. The collection comprises highly diverse work, including original drawings from children’s books, book covers and the poster designs that Bruna created for organisations such as Amnesty International and the Red Cross. 






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