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Want to sit back, relax and read an art magazine? Need to prepare a lesson or are you writing an article on a topic related to the Centraal Museum collection? Or you may need to finish a school project or you have been looking for a particular reference work.  

You can go to the Information Centre in upper chapel, open to the public during museum opening hours. At the counter are volunteers, ready and helpful for anything you need. You may, of course, consult them on any practical matter, but the Information Centre is mainly intended as a study area and library for school pupils, students, researchers and those with a special interest or research question.    

If you want to learn more about the Centraal Museum collection, the nature and history of the museum, its passed and current exhibitions, this place can provide insightful information.

The Information Centre is run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers, who are supported by staff members from the Public affairs & Learning Department.   

Specific research question?

In the case of highly specific research questions it is advisable to make an appointment in advance. The volunteers can then find and retrieve the needed material, ready for you to use when you arrive.


The library is housed in the Centraal Museum office building. Consisting of approx. 55,000 titles, it mainly comprises documentation of the museum collection. The books can be consulted in the Information Centre, but cannot be taken out on loan. For researchers who would like to consult several different titles, the library is open by appointment. Contact:

Information Centre
Information Centre

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