Beschrijving Amerikaanse boekenkast, op achterzijde herinneringen van Marjan

Beschrijving Amerikaanse boekenkast, op achterzijde herinneringen van Marjan (1986-01-23)

Bruikleen 2009.

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WHEN VOO WRITE. YOUR ORDER « must be PoSSI iyyuuub. Prlce, oak finish..... Price, mahoganyfin- Our 96.9S Oak Bookcase. Re talie everywbere at 810.00. No. 1R1301 Bookcase, 57 Inches high and 32 inches wide, ls made of quartered golden oak,; wtth handsome finish. The door is of doublé thlck g 1 a s s, the shelves are adjust-able, the back is of solld oak and wel! flnlshed inslde. This is the cheapest bookcase made for the money. Shlppln? welght, 90 pounds. Price.........86.08 At 81390 we offer large, mÜ sive, extra heavy quarter sa wed golden oa¥j£5S? case ln the new 1908 plllar design, bookcases that sell everywbere at about ffij! tbe prlce. Oursmall ülustratiou mMmÊÊgm f'aint Ideaof therichness, the beauty, thelleSfiS lsh, the extra value oftered in this WmSmSSm bookcase. This ls a very heavy, richly flSJhS^^ case; every bookcase made from carefully retoSi 2nf/hter oak, with a lilS planKSffi SSf5: „Has three doore, as illustrtteS; doo^ïS thlcH Klass; adjustablesh"^ the bookcase siarge androomy; lt ls 61 inches «t®5 and 57 inches high. Weight, complete, *rice....... •............................ b nPHi ED BAÜOH EXPANSIOIM BOOKCASE 1 THESE BOOKCASES conatructed that they can be adapted _ EQUAL to tho BEST In QUALITY, and CHEAPER than the lowest In PRICE. The lllustration be-low shows the complete case, comprising top, four book sections, drawer sections and base. THE EXTENSION BOOKCASE Is tho latest patent devlce In the llbrary fur-nlture llne and a most valuable ac-qulsltlon to any homo. This lllustration shows the top of the case. This lllustration shows the bóok sectlon. This lllustration shows the base section. Price Quartered G'ldenOak Price Veneered Mahogany Width, Inches Deptb, Inches Helght, Inches Outslde Meqsatflnients ?This lllustration shows method of removing or replaclng one of the doors. Base Section........... Top Section (regulair!!, Two UrawerSection...., Book Section, wlth door, Book Section, with door, Book Section, with door, This bookcase can ba 'ümisbed complete wiia tour 9V4 inch book sections in quartered oak for $14.56. In veneered raa- f*yl 7-s; 3 87,63 23, 78, »,7 ft


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